Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

I am so embarrassed to admit that I've now watched this show...twice!
In all fairness, I wasn't planning to watch it. I had the tv on, muted as I was doing things around the house. The show came on and I saw it but didn't really pay attention...until I looked up and saw what looked to be everyone in the camp making fun of Heidi and Spencer Pratt (The Hills). I certainly couldn't pass up an opportunity to witness that!
For those of you who don't know, I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here is a terrible reality show that will be airing almost every week night during the summer. A bunch of semi- and used to be celebs are dropped in a jungle to rough it for their favorite charity. They will be progressively voted out by viewers.
The celebs for this season are Heidi and Spencer Pratt (The Hills), former supermodel Janice Dickenson, Patty Blogojevich (the former governer's wife), Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bamba, Young Guns), Sanjaya Malakar (American Idol), Frangela (VH1 comedy duo), John Salley (NBA veteran), wrestler Torrie Wilson, and Stephen Baldwin (because what would a reality show be without a Baldwin?).
This show is completely boring, and ridiculous. Somewhere, some charities are hanging their heads with shame that they may have to accept money from these dipshits!
The best part is actually watching Heidi Pratt. I've never had any use for "Heidi from the Hills", but I gotta say, I'm loving "Back woods, Bible thumping Heidi"! Spencer is just as big of a douche bag as ever though.
Sadly, I remember the first time this show aired in the US. It was even less exciting than it is now. Melissa Rivers, Julie Brown, Tyson Beckford, Robin Leach and Chris Judd (the ex-Mr. J-Lo) were among the "celebrities" that time.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Project Runway Season 5 Premiere

Finally, an old favorite is back with a new season. Project Runway premiered last night with the usual collection of outrageous and self assured designers with varying degrees of success. Of course they all have one thing in common...they will do whatever it takes to win PR!
So far, nobody is really standing out as being a "star", and nobody's really stepped up to show how "fierce" they are. Oh, there are a few who think they are gonna to be the next thing, but I think they are in for a rough slap in the face when they find out they aren't cute, don't have personality, and possess minimal talent. And WTF is "girl-iscious"?? A desperate attempt to be the next Christian Siriano is what it is. And, you are NO Christian Siriano!
For the first challenge the designers went back to a challenge from season one...the grocery store challenge. They had to create their design from what they could buy in the grocery store, with a budget of $75. While there were some very clever purchases that made it into the finished garments (dodge balls, fly swatters, and plastic cups) there were also wa-ay to many who went for the safety of a tablecloth or shower curtain.
At the end of the night though, the only thing that stuck in my mind were my screams of, "WTH do you mean Blayne is safe?? With that hideous, monstrosity of a diaper/onesie? How is that better than the "Serial Killer Slicker" ensemble?"
Ugh, well let's hope for better next week!

The Baby Borrowers: The Pre-Teens Come to Stay

I LOVE this show.
For those of you who haven't seen it, here's the idea: Take teen couples who think they are ready for a family and let them experience what it's really like to be an adult. It's an experiment of sorts where the couples are given a home, jobs and a family to care for. They even "borrow" children for 3 days (with an onsite nanny for oversight only and the parents watching via a televised feed). The teen couples first got babies, then toddlers. This week they had to care for pre-teens and they still have teenagers and elderly "parents" to come.
I think this is the greatest experiment and should be mandatory for teens to watch. These teen couples came in, pretty sure about their ability to care for children and at some point each of them has found themselves stressed and doubting their ability to finish this project. Kind of like with real parenting, only the project lasts a lifetime!!!
Some of the relationships are starting to dissolve under the pressure and the teens are actually starting to have a more realistic view of what it means to cross the threshold into adulthood.
There have been some pleasant surprises, some teens you can tell will (one day!!) be very good parents, and some who aren't as prepared as they thought. Some of them are still completely clueless (you can't just change the diaper, you also have to wipe your child's bottom!!!).
I can't wait to see how all of the teen couples feel about the experiment once it's over, and how they feel about pursuing parenthood now!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dog the Bounty Hunter

So, the Dog is back.
I'm a little disappointed. The season just started out with no mention of the scandal that sent it on hiatus to begin with. Shoot, after his big Mexican arrest they devoted an entire show to how it was affecting him and what it was like to go back to work. He made a colossal error this time, and not even a peep about it.
I have a few questions and observations about the season premier.
1.) Is it just me or is Baby Lissa spending too much time with Beth? Every season her clothes get tighter, her heels get higher and she gets more made up. I didn't even recognize her in the opening sequence!
2.) Where's "YoungBlood" (Tim)? After all these years he is suddenly gone? Does it have anything to do with the scandal?
3.) Both Beth and Dog look like they lost some weight. Was it on purpose or driven by stress?
4.) Leland was more subdued than I've ever seen him.

Overall, the premier wasn't nearly as fun or exciting as I remember the show being. It kind of seems like their heart just isn't in it anymore.
Can Dog recover from what's happened?

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Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood

I'm catching up on my DVR'd shows and just had to rant about this week's Tori & Dean.
First, I really like this show. I'm not a huge Tori Spelling fan, I don't have a catalog of 90210 merch or follow her every move. She's got a cute personality and it's intriguing to watch someone who grew up so rich struggle so hard to get by. The best thing is that if she ever had an ego, she checked it a long time ago.
So, here I am watching this week's episode and suddenly I've got to go and get all parental. Tori, Dean & friends are road tripping in a bus to promote her book, sTori Telling. Little Liam is along for the ride and not only is he just riding free in the bus but Dean even takes him up to the front seat as they are riding down the highway! WTH?? Helloo... remember Britney? It wasn't a good idea when she did it either.
Just because it has a bed and a sink, doesn't mean it's a house. If you're hurtling down the highway in it PUT THE BABY IN A CAR SEAT!!!
Nuff said...
I still "luv ya babe"

The Take Home Nanny

I admit it. I'll watch just about anything that offers me some hope of controlling my kids. Put on a show with other peoples children misbehaving, desperate parents crying on the shoulder of proper English nanny and I'll sit there and suck up every word of wisdom that British bitch has to offer!
With that in mind, I was excited to check out The Take Home Nanny on TLC. Maybe she would have something to offer me that the other British nanny hasn't. Some magical words of wisdom that doesn't involve structure, or planning, or charts.
Essentially, I was met with a watered-down version of the Super Nanny. Nanny Emma showed up to the house, "observed" the family then gave the parents a report of what they were doing wrong (without assigning blame which was both weird and a whole lot less entertaining). The next day she enforced rules and structure and even had a routine chart. The problem is, it has all been done before and in a more exciting way. Plus, if you're screwing up as a parent, I think your nanny should be ballsy enough to tell you so!
So, unfortunately, The Take Home Nanny just isn't original enough for me. I'm running back to Jo Frost and her SuperNanny ways.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Bachelorette- DeAnna Pappas

Before tonight’s episode airs I want to rehash what has gone on so far on The Bachelorette.
I admit that I’m skeptical about the whole premise of the Bachelor/Bachelorette thing. At one time I may have thought that finding true love this way was possible. Now I’m so tired of the process, I am beginning to think that the whole thing has been played out. Really, how many times has it worked so far? There was Trista and Ryan and…yeah. The only couple that made it to the alter in how many seasons? (And believe me, I pray for another couple--ANY other couple-- to make it so that Trista and Ryan can finally retire to their private little lives!). The only other couple that have come close to actual commitment are Brian and Mary and I don’t even know where that stands since she assaulted him last year!
So here we are with a new season of the Bachelorette. This season’s Bachelorette is DeAnna. I can’t think of any “finalist” in Bachelor history who was dogged as hard as DeAnna. For those who don’t remember, DeAnna was in the final two for the heart of Bachelor Brad Womack. As DeAnna stood in front of Brad, he told her that he had sent home her competition. She smiled and I’m sure her heart soared. Then the douche followed up by telling her that he couldn’t say that he loved her either and was sending her home. Now it isn’t that he didn’t pick either girl-- if you don’t; feel it, you don’t feel it. It’s that he let her think, for those few seconds, that she was the one. He could have broken the news any other way that didn’t include the lead-in, “I just sent Jen home…”
Anyway, DeAnna is back and this time she gets to pick. She had her choice of twenty-five very hot guys. Sadly, some guys are just as sadly desperate as the women on The Bachelor. None of the guys has given DeAnna their undies yet, or bitten a hole in a beer can, but some of the “hey, look at me” behavior is just as pitiful.
Already DeAnna has sent home the overconfidant (and a little unstable) New York body builder, the guy who pointed out at every opportunity that he was Greek just like DeAnna so they must be perfect and the virgin NFL player who alleges that he never uses curse words then called Jeremy a d#@k! (Dude, what do you have to do to get a devoted christian to call you a d#@k on national television?)
So tonight is a new episode, and two of the guys will get into a fight (or so they say!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Gauntlet 3 (2/6/08)

The episode opened with Brooke and Ev hanging out on the couch. WTH? I still can’t figure out what is going on there. I get that Ev is into Brooke. She talks dreamily of the future and made statements that she is sure that she and Brooke will continue outside the house. Brooke on the other hand, says she won’t let Ev have “unrealistic expectations”. She also keeps saying Ev would be perfect if she just had a d%@&. I think Brooke doesn’t have a clue what she’s into.
For the “Wring Out” challenge players are divided into those who soak their clothes in the ocean, those that pull the clothesline to those who wring the clothes out and back to the soakers. During the team meeting on how to divide up the players Brooke volunteered to be a soaker (the person who repeatedly runs back & forth to the ocean!). She was denied and got pi$$ed at Johanna for not picking her for that job, since she now wants to prove herself (even though she was sucking wind during the last challenge).
The Veterans won, again! Their strategy for the Gauntlet is to try and save Brooke, even though they can’t give her the immunity again. They save Tori and put Brooke into the Gauntlet, knowing that she’ll pick Jillian to go against (Jillian is smaller than Brooke, so a good choice).
In the Gauntlet Jillian and Brooke play “Ball Brawl.” There are five numbered balls, 1-5. Numbers 1-3 are worth 1 point each, 4&5 are worth 2 points. The goal is to cross the line with the ball to get the points. The female with the most points wins. Jillian jumped in and scored 2 points then let Brooke get the 3rd point (giving Jillian a chance to rest a little and Brooke to tire out more). Then, without much of a fight from Brooke, Jillian got the 4th ball and won the game. Brooke and Evelyn had a dramatically teary moment before Brooke left (really, how long have you known each other? A week now?). The veterans now have a ferocious new weapon…a pi$$ed off Evelyn.

During the birthday party for Katie, Adam and Johnny Bananas poor Zach got his hair shaved and Casey and Johnnie were caught, umm…naked. Does Johnny’s blow up doll have a passport? How many countries has she been in now?

“Blind Man’s Maze” was the next challenge. One player served as the eyes, standing on an observation deck in the middle of the maze. That player has to talk their teammates through the maze, to ring a bell and back. The team with all their people through the maze wins. One kink in the plan, even though the Veterans have 4 more people, they still have to get them ALL through in order to win. That gives the Rookie’s a huge advantage. The Rookies finally win a challenge (even though it didn’t seem like a fair

Adam was given immunity, Evan was put into the Gauntlet. The fireworks began on the Veteran team. CT, Brad and Evan are tight and pushing for Johnny to go into the Gauntlet. Johnnie tries to call out Eric by saying that he’ll weigh them down at the end. CT and Brad get their way and Johnny and Evan compete in “Sliders” in the Gauntlet. They have to complete a sliding puzzle. Evan figured out the puzzle first and Johnny is sent home (oh, that Tyler/Johnny karma-go-round is getting thick!).

Melinda and Johanna trying to establish themselves as strong competitors (maybe trying to live up to the expectations of Danny and Wes?)

What is up with the snide comments about Frank and Jillian? The entire house seems to hate them as a couple!

Finally, Tyrie’s girlfriend is having heart surgery so Tyrie is leaving to be with her.

Project Runway (2/6/08)

This week Tim took the designers on a “field trip” to find out about their challenge. This challenge turned out to be not so much about “fashion” as it was about creativity and versatility. The trip was down to the runway room. From outside the room the designers could hear grunting and yelling. Inside, the designers met their models for the week; the divas of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). The challenge for the week is to create a new outfit for one of the female wrestlers. Each designer was able to pick the diva they wanted to work with. The wrestlers wanted garments designed according to their onstage personalities: sex kitten, girl next door, funky, etc.
With some input from the ladies, the designers planned their designs. Christian’s model wanted “leather and lace” and he proceeded to make a truly sexy outfit that included black leather chaps and black lace. Christians design was (as he put it) “fierce”.
Jillian’s sporty girl-next-door outfit was surprisingly well done. It was sexy and seemed functional for the ring.
Chris created a great hoodie for his model. It was green leopard print with a dark, sparkly lining, a criss-cross leopard top and sparkly booty shorts. Chris won the challenge and his model will wear the outfit in the ring. “Of course, I end up winning the tackiest challenge,” he said.
The bad choices? Ricky made an orange bathing suit, Rami used Pepto-pink on his entire outfit, and Sweet P’s was underdone (she was completely opposed to everything that her client wanted on the garment).
So, Chris came out ahead and it came down to Ricky and Sweet P. Cue the tears…Ricky was eliminated. Christian must be thrilled!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Biggest Loser: Couples (2/5/08)

So what happened at the weigh in last week? Umm, some of the black team members have been cutting their calories in an effort to try and increase their weight loss. How did that work out? Kelly didn’t lose any weight, Brittany only lost 2 and Paul actually gained 3 pounds. Jillian sat down with her team to find out what was going on with their diets. Kelly has been cutting to as far as 1,000 calories per day and Brittany has had days in which she got as little as 500 calories.

The teams met for a temptation challenge involving chocolate covered caramels. Each candy has 26 calories and the challengers are each at a table with curtains between them, so they have no idea what the others are doing. The person who either is the first to eat 100 candies or the person who eats the most will win. The prize is the ability to swap any member of any team with another; including themselves. At the end of the challenge, Roger had eaten one candy, Paul ate three, Brittany ate 15, and Mark ate 43 (for a total of 1,118 calories!). Mark left the teams intact.

Mark had to go to the doctor for a pain in his right leg. As it turns out he has a stress fracture and can no longer to any weight bearing lower body exercises. He has to make do with upper body workouts, the pool and the bike. Can he maintain his weight loss with those limitations? He is worried to say the least.

Dan hiked up to the top of the hill (will they please stop referring to it as a mountain? Please, it’s a hill!) to claim his prize for being the biggest loser of the week. When he got to the top of the hill he found that every envelope had the word “Family” printed across it. Then, his brother appeared. Dan’s prize was a visit from his older brother. His brother got to visit the ranch and see the gym (and his mom, Jackie). The difference in Dan and Jackie were very evident to Joe. The funniest moment was when they were discussing where Jackie might be.
Joe: “Where’s Mom at right now?”
Dan: “She might be still doing her 10K.”
Dan: “Yeah, 6 miles.”
Joe: “6 miles?”
Dan: “Yeah.”
Joe: “Walking?”
Dan:“No running.” (and he says it like it’s nothing, like everyone runs 6 miles, while Joe is just stumped).

The next challenge was a cooking challenge. The teams had to put together a three course meal for celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito. They had to pick a recipe, and create a healthier version to serve to Rocco. They were judged on taste as well as how healthy and calorie conscious the dishes were. The Black team pulled it out this time. The prize was to have Rocco prepare a meal for them and also to receive something that their families have made for them. Rocco doesn’t just make them a meal, he has them help so that they can go home and cook for themselves. After the meal they go to the living room for videos from their family. The highlight was when Kelly’s boyfriend was saying how much he missed her kisses, etc. and Paul is just torn up. He tells her how hard it is for him to see that. Kelly essentially tells him that she knows it must be hard but “don’t ruin my moment”.

The weigh in went as follows:
Black team: Dan -7 pounds; Jackie -2; Roger -8; Trent -9; Jay -5; Mark -9
Blue: Kelly -7 pounds; Paul -12; Maggie -5; Brittany -10; Bernie -13.


Jackie immediately goes on the offense. She goes to Roger and Trent and asks Trent if he can do it at home, then goes and tells Mark and Jay that “Trent’s down” with going home. What was she thinking??? I’m sure Trent wasn’t just going to roll over and go home! Then Jackie had Mark and Jay swear on their kids lives that they would tell her if they were going to vote out her or Dan. Cut to the elimination room, Jackie has been voted out and now she’s rubbing it in that they swore on the lives of their kids. She just wouldn’t let it go, it was like she was trying to make them change their minds.

The teaser for next week is that something will happen during the weigh-in that will cause Bob to walk out. Hmmm what could it be? More game play? In the middle of a game? No way!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The Gauntlet 3 (1/30/08)

(There was a bit of a delay in getting this one up...apologies)

Another week in Mexico, a brand new round of drama and deceit. Of course, this must mean it’s the girl’s Gauntlet week!
Already the veteran girls are on the defensive. There’s pretty much no doubting the plan (CT has already voiced that he’s up for it), the veteran guys will eventually turn on the girls and throw challenges to get rid of as many girls as possible. Thereby having a stronger (mostly male) team at the final challenge. It isn’t the first time that plan has popped up. And God bless Katie for her, “if you f*@k us, we’ll do it back” attitude.
The week was full of letdowns for some of the castmates. Nehemiah made it clear that he and Beth did not hook up and tried to distance himself from her as much as possible. Could it be that he was just trying to secure his chances with Angel? (An unfortunate place to put all his bets as it turns out…). Also on the letdown list: Tyler. Ryan totally gave him the “I’m just not that into you” speech. Although he did leave it open for drunken make-out sessions. In other words, “I’m not interested in you, would never date you in the outside world, but if I’m lonely and drunk I may consider you for an evening”.
So, for the “Screw You” challenge, the veterans won. Again. Brooke (who was huffing and puffing and looking like she was going to die during the challenge) was given immunity by the veterans and Jillian was put into the Gauntlet. Jillian picked Angel to go against. There was a hint of true competition but, ultimately, Jillian was stronger and Angel went home (sorry, Nehemiah).
The guys challenge was next and umm…yeah, the veterans won again. A new twist was revealed. The same member of the losing team can’t be saved two times in a row. The gracious vets saved Tyrie and put Tyler into the Gauntlet with Johnnies encouragement (remember the time Tyler picked Johnnie to go against him, thus assuring that one of them would go?). So Tyler flips out, complaining about how he needs the money (who doesn’t?) and turns on his old Key West castmates. Frank is picked to go against Tyler and the end up with the “Force Field” challenge again. Frank hunkers down and waits as Tyler bucks and lunges against the vest. Frank wins and I don’t think anyone is really too sad to see Tyler go.
I have to say, I love the one hour format this time. I just hated the ½ hour show, it never seemed like enough, so thank you Mtv for the extended show!!!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celebrity Rehab (1/31/08)

Celebrity Rehab is one of the most compelling tragedies I’ve ever seen on tv. The voyeur factor is high: the rich and famous; all addicted to something and all in rehab. And you, the viewer, get to watch every dirty revelation.
The reality is a little more sobering. These are real people with some really messed up lives. The most frightening case is Jeff Conaway from Grease and Taxi. He is a sad reminder of the guy he used to be. He spends most of his time in a wheelchair, murmuring almost incoherently. His body has been ravaged by injury and addiction, and his history turns out to be nightmarish. He admits to the group that as a child he was the victim of torture and pedophilia.
Joanie Laurer (best known as wrestling’s Chyna) has her own personal demons involving a cruel mother. But does Joanie really have an addiction problem? Right now, she’s claiming “no”.
Daniel Baldwin has just checked himself out of rehab claiming, “this environment is no longer conducive to my sobriety.” (He had a little problem with a pool party and girls in wet t-shirts).
Other celebrities in rehab include: Jaimee Foxworth (actress- Family Matters), Mary Carey (porn star), Brigitte Nielson (actress), Jessica Sierra (singer- American Idol), Seth “Shifty” Binzer (musician- Crazy Town), and Ricco Rodriguez (Ultimate Fighting Champion).
Celebrity Rehab is one of those shows you should watch at least once. Of course, you may have trouble turning away once you've tuned in.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

American Idol (1/29/08)

Omaha, Nebraska. No matter where you send American Idol there is sure to be a breakout of crazy! I still don't know what makes some people think that they can sing. I happen to know that I can't sing and I would never try out, even though I know I sing better than some of the people who do try out.
So, Paula was late to try-outs. Why did she have to fly in on the morning of the auditions? Couldn't she bring herself to spend the extra night in Omaha? No matter what she had going on she should have been there. American Idol is what has given her a second shot at being in the business. I think she should put American Idol before all other obligations, she owes the show, the producers, contestants and viewers that much. Of course, she did give us one great "touch down!" so I forgive her a little.
Ryan got to sit in on an audition. Maybe he should get to do so more often...like in Paula's absence!
Ugh, I really get sick of the auditions. They show more of the crazies than the good singers (which used to be fun, now I'm just OD'd on insane contestants).
Here's my question for American Idol. If anyone knows the answer, I'd love to hear it. When do they do the little story about some of the AI hopefuls? Some of these people are terrible and don't get through. Do they follow them with the video and get their story before they try out or do the people actually let them film them after they've been turned down? At some point, the producers had to know some of them weren't talented and would be turned away. Do they lead them on until the audition? "Yeah, you're great. Can we film you at work and meet your family before you audition?" Some of the people who've been profiled have left the auditions pi$$ed! I can't imagine that they'd let them come back and film them after being so humiliated.

The Biggest Loser: Couples (1/29/08)

After last week's surprising twists and turns the campus seems to be in a bit of chaos. The pink team is gone (Ali said they were the 1st team to be unjustly voted out...she must have forgotten there is a game going on). Now the purple team is pi$$ed! At the voting table Paul & Kelly essentially said, "We'll keep you but you better show us that you can do better." Jenn & Maggie think that they were calling them lazy and insinuating that they aren't working hard enough.
The big news, there are no more teams. From here on out, only one person will be going home every week. That should add an interesting touch. I'm betting that as more teams are split up the philosophy will change to one of breaking up the remaining teams no matter what. If you are alone, you don't stand a chance against a ready-made alliance. So you have to break up the duos at some point (before it's too late).
Allison announced before the challenge that from now on, it's blue vs black again (ah, Jillian vs Bob, all is well in the universe again) The challenge was tough, you knew that the minute you saw the escalators. The deal? Only two people will compete, and the winner will get to pick the team they'll be working with. After all these seasons, the one thing I've been begging for has finally happened! The two people competing were Bob and Jillian; trainer vs. trainer! The winning trainer gets to pick who represents their team. The challenge was to run up and down the escalator 10 times. Bob (who has an advantage w/ his longer legs) won and picked his team (hurting some feelings in the process).
The new teams: Bob's Blue Team= Mark, Jay, Trent, Roger, Dan & Jackie. Jillian's Black Team= Bernie, Brittany, Paul, Kim, Jenn & Maggie.
Of course the teams couldn't walk away without having to participate in a challenge! The endless escalator strikes again. Most of the Black Team went out fairly quickly. Brittany was at the top followed by Maggie and Bernie. Bernie and Maggie went out and Brittany was alone keeping pace with Mark, Dan and Jay. That girl worked her butt off, she was so determined to prove to Bob that he made a mistake in not choosing her! Unfortunately, she didn't hold out and the Blue Team earned a $10,000 prize.
At the weigh-in Brittany voiced her feelings about Bob not choosing her and Bernie. They had picked Bob on Day 1 (remember when all the other teams ran to Jillian??), they had been the "blue team" all along and had been doing well. Ouch! The look on Bob's face said it all. She has a point but Bob also has to be able to pick the team he thinks can do the job.
The Blue Team had an amazing 50 pound weight loss. Blue had to average 6 pounds per person to win. Jenn lost 6, Maggie lost 7 (yay, going strong), Bernie lost 5 (that's OK, still in range, Brittany may make up the difference...) Brittany lost 2 (yikes, not good, but still not impossible, we still have the yellow team), Kelly lost 0 pounds (uh-oh), and Paul gained 3 pounds (ugh!). Paul stood right there on the scale and admitted that he had cut his calories by 400-500 to try and get ahead. Poor strategy!
So...who do we send home? Strategically they need Paul and Bernie to pull bigger numbers (in theory!). Maggie and Jenn did good this week but have had so many weeks with low numbers (uh, but Maggie lost the most this week). Brittany typically does well. Hmmm...sorry Jenn! I think she was really would have hit a good stride had she stayed.
Can Jillian pull another underdog team into the finals??

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Project Runway (1/23/08)

Gag. Can this season get any less thrilling? The designers, the challenges, even Nina seems bored with it all.
Last night the designers competed to create a classic denim look for Levi's. The end result? Two trench coats, 3 itty-bitty dresses and a fierce pair of jeans created by Christian. In the end...hold your breath...Ricky finally came out on top. He designed a dress with a corset top that fit his model beautifully. And, yes, he cried.
Jillian threw a little fit. Apparently she felt that, although she and Victorya had created a coat together last week, she was the only one entitled to carry on that theme this week. In the end, it didn't matter. Both of them made terrible coats, only Victorya paid the price for it.
At this point, the only thing that keeps me coming back are Christian's snippy little quips and the fact that, for some reason...I love Tim Gunn.
Oh, and Christian, if you can make those jeans a little bigger, I'd be glad to wear them out and tell everyone who my designer is.

RW/RR: The Gauntlet 3 (1/23/08)

The Gauntlet is back and getting things started with a one hour premier of The Gauntlet 3. Missed it? No problem, here's a recap:

The Teams:
CT (RW Paris)
Brad (RW San Diego)
Adam (RW Paris)
Evan (Fresh Meat)
Johnny (RW Key West)
Kenny (Fresh Meat)
Danny (RW Houston)
Eric (Fresh Meat)
Beth (RW Los Angeles)
Coral (RW Back to NY)
Paula (RW Key West)
Katie (RR The Quest)
Diem (Fresh Meat)
Ev (Fresh Meat)
Casey (Fresh Meat)
Robin (RW San Diego)

Ryan (Fresh Meat)
Zach (RW Key West)
Frank (RW Las Vegas)
Derek (RR Viewer's Revenge)
Tyler (RW Key West)
Tyrie (RW Denver)
Alex (RW Denver)
Nehemia (RW Houston)
Janelle (RW Key West)
Angel (RR Viewer's Revenge)
Rachel (RW Houston)
Brooke (RW Denver)
Melinda (RW Houston)
Tori (RR Viewer's Revenge)
Jillian (RR Extreme)
Johanna (RW Houston)

The Host- TJ Lavin

The Prize- $300,000 to be split amongst the winning team members (no team bank accounts this time, only the final prize as well as some prizes to be earned throughout the challenge)

The first competition is a tug-of-war to determine where the teams will sleep. One team will have the choice of the usual lush surroundings in a beautiful (soon to be beer-strewn) abode. The other team will be banished to a small room crammed with bunk beds and sporting only one bathroom. The Veterans pull off the win and claim the nice rooms. Personally, I don't think those bunk beds look sturdy enough to support Tyrie! Keep an eye out, Coral and Beth are sharing a room which should make for some interesting fireworks.
The first challenge is a take-off on musical chairs, with knee-deep muddy water. The teams have to race in and grab a ball (orange for girls, green for guys). If a challenger doesn't get out of the mud pit with a ball, they are disqualified. There are fewer balls each round until one team wins. The veterans managed to pull off the first win.
The way the game works this season is that the winning team gets to pick one person from the losing team to go into the Gauntlet. They also get to pick a member of the losing team who is immune from the Gauntlet. The losing team then gets to pick their own team member of the same sex to throw into the Gauntlet. Being able to pick a person from the opposite team to protect from the Gauntlet adds an interesting angle. For the first time, we may see really weak players at the end of a challenge.
Nehemia and Alex went into the Gauntlet this week and since he was physically no match for Nehemia, Alex essentially gave up.
The castmates are already hooking up. Tori and Brad; Jillian and Frank; Paula and Derek;
Paula and Adam; Tyler and Ryan; oh, and Ev and BROOKE! (According to Brooke, she doesn't need a man now, just needs a woman with a-- uh, well, you figure it out).
As for the couples: Johanna and Wes have apparently moved in together; CT and Diem are still together; and Danny and Melinda are still engaged (is it just me or does he do a lot of talking about marrying her without ever sealing the deal? )
As we leave our challengers this week, CT is drunk and starting sh*t with everyone, including Diem. And...did Coral call him a crack-head?? Funny, nobody said anything in his defense.